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Wow it with Staging... 

Pre Staging Consultation $75/hr 

Ranges b/w $75 and $150 depending on length of consultation 

This option is for the realtor/ homeowner who's just listed a home that needs a little more prep work prior to the actual staging.  During our walkthrough, the homeowner will be advised on what to keep, move around or discard. The goal is to provide ways to depersonalize, organize and maximize space so the home can look its absolute best. This consultation ranges between 1 and 2 hours depending on the square footage and condition of the home. It's the perfect option to be properly prepared - creating a smooth transition into staging.  

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Staging $75/hr

Ranges b/w $150 and $225 depending on staging needs

This option is for the realtor/ homeowner that would like a home staged prior to photos being taken. The staging process plays a significant role in the way a home looks, feels and is showcased. The ultimate goal is to create spaces that not only entice potential buyers but spaces they can envision themselves living in.  Typically, the staging process ranges between 2 and 3 hours depending on the square footage and preparation of the home.  If you're wanting to create that instant "wow" factor from the minute they walk in the door, this is the perfect option for you!

Ultimate Staging

Ranges b/w $225 - $375 depending on consultation/ staging time

This option includes a combination of the Pre Staging Consultation as well as the Ultimate Staging.  It's everything in one and keeps everyone at ease.  The realtor can feel assured that their homeowner is being properly prepared, the homeowner can feel confident knowing what's expected and we will leave you with a home thats prepped, staged and ready for showings. This option includes 1-2 hours of pre-staging preparation and 2-3 hours of actual staging.  The fee can be split between the realtor and homeowner if desired. If you're looking for the ultimate wow factor, this option is a well worth investment and will cost much less than the first price reduction you may encounter later on.  

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