Concierge At Your Door

Decorating, Staging & Organizing... The Affordable Way 

How It Works... 3 Easy Steps

One Hour Consultation~


The simple and easy process starts with a One Hour Consultation for just $45.  During the consultation, we'll evaluate your space and service preferred, review your budget and time frame and get a feel for your style, personality and the ultimate look you're envisioning.  After the consultation, you'll be left with a list of inspiring ideas that we can begin to tackle during the service hours scheduled. 

*Our One Hour Consultation is a great gift idea for 
New Home Owners, Birthdays, Mother's Day and much more...

Add Services ~
Decorating, Staging, Organizing, Unpacking,
"Vacay" Recovery & Event Planning

$35 /hr

Once the One Hour Consultation is completed, it's time to schedule you for as few or as many service hours as you'd like and put the game plan into action.  Regardless of the service chosen, this is the part of the process where the actual work takes place and the transformation begins.  We'll rearrange furniture, accessorize, declutter, maximize space, organize, unpack, recover your home or help you get ready for that event you've been planning. The changes will quickly take place in front of your very own eyes!

* We have the perfect handyman to help get the job done!

Add Personal Shopping ~

$30 /hr

If you need a little help finding the perfect additions for your space(s), add a few personal shopping hours.  We will first work with the things you already have in your home and then suggest additional items to complete your space - furniture pieces, rugs, wall art, accessories, storage solutions, holiday decor, etc...  The personal shopping time can also be used for refurbishing any items that you would like to keep but may just need a little updating or even help you sell or donate the items that you're ready to part with.   

* We'll  be sure to keep your budget in mind at all times by first utilizing all of the things you already have in your home and then suggesting additional items to complete your space.