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It's all​ about Decorating...

Consultation $75 

One Hour Walk Through

The decorating process begins with a thorough one hour consultation.  During this hour we will walk through your home focusing on the areas you'd like to update or redesign. Whether you're wanting to change just a few spaces or have a more involved project in mind, we will come up with various ways to enhance your rooms and create the look you're wanting.  You'll be left with a list of inspiring ideas that you can either implement on your own or we can gladly schedule you for either of the two decorating options below to help complete the projects!

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Mini Decorating $65/hr

Recommended for smaller type projects

This option is perfect for smaller decorating projects that you'd prefer to pay an hourly rate as we go.  We will help tackle blank walls, improve room design, update colors and suggest furniture and accessories to create an updated new look.  We will use what you already have in the home and compliment it with the perfect additions that will reflect your style and personality. If you're looking to freshen up some spaces, this is the perfect option for you!

Ultimate Decorating 

Recommended for the more involved project 

This option is perfect for larger, more involved projects that require more of a remodel.  The cost of this investment ranges per room depending on the square footage as well as the scope of the project.  Whether you need a complete room makeover or need decorating assistance in various areas of your home, we will work with you on every aspect- paint, flooring, lighting, furniture, room layout, etc... to create a look you will love spending time in. If you're looking for the biggest change, this is the option for you! 

*** Contractor Recommendations Available

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