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Additional Services

Person​al Shopping 


As your space is being transformed, we'll get a better idea of any additional purchases that you may need.  We will first work with everything you already own and then suggest the perfect additional items that we will find in our favorite stores around the area.  Concierge At Your Door believes in shopping smart, being creative and keeping your budget in mind at all times.  Whether you need larger items like furniture and rugs or smaller items like storage containers and holiday decor, schedule your consultation today and leave the shopping details to us!

Event Plann​ing 

Let's get that special event on your calendar! Whether you're lo​oking for a smaller event at home or a larger event at a restaurant or hotel, Concierge At Your Door can assist with all of the details- decorations, theme, timeline, menu and of course the guest list.  

We can discuss the details and pricing during your scheduled Consultation!

Unpacking Services 

Moving can be so exciting but overwhelming at the same time.  Preparing for work, getting the kids back to school and finding your belongings can all be challenging when surrounded by boxes. Concierge At Your Door is the perfect choice to get you through your next move.  We will unpack, organize and decorate along the way.  Schedule your consultation for your upcoming move and we'll put a plan together so you can settle in quickly and enjoy your new home.  

We can discuss the details and pricing during your scheduled Consultation!

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